Shaun Marksbury

Shaun Marksbury is the Pastor-Teacher of Grace Bible Church.  

Shaun spent several years in Jacksonville, Florida serving in various lay-ministry positions before moving to Southern California.  There, he earned a Bachelors in Christian Ministries at The Master's College in 2008 and a Masters in Divinity at The Master's Seminary in 2012.  

In 2013, Shaun moved to Savannah to help out with a church plant.  After the senior pastor departed in 2015, Cornerstone Church of Savannah ordained Shaun to the role of senior pastor.  Eventually, the church voted to reconstitute and reincorporate as Grace Bible Church of Savannah.

Also since 2013, Shaun has served as chaplain at the Chatham County Detention Center through Coastal Jail Ministries of Georgia.

Shaun's been married since 2000 and has five children.

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New Testament Deacon: The Church's Minister of Mercy
it was amazing
Great book on the subject of deacons. Strauch puts them in correct perspective, neither elevating them to the ruling role in the church nor relegating them to a janitorial status. He thoroughly explains the key passages of Acts 6 and 1 T...
tagged: ecclesiology, christian, and ministry
Revelation 1-11 MacArthur New Testament Commentary
it was amazing
tagged: christian, commentaries, eschatology, and recommended
An Exegetical Summary of Revelation 1-11, 2nd Edition
it was amazing
These are always helpful summaries, asking detailed questions about each verse.
tagged: commentaries, eschatology, recommended, and christian
Institutes of the Christian Religion, 2 Vols
it was amazing
Every Christian should consider working their way through this once in their life.
tagged: angelology, anthropology, bibliology, calvinism, christian, christi...
Trans Life Survivors
really liked it
Scripture says that even "the mercy of the wicked is cruel" (Pro. 12:1, ESV), and that encapsulates the modern transgender movement. Those who diagnose issues in others rightly want to help them, but if their help goes uninformed by the ...
tagged: society, sociology, christian, recommended, science, anthropology, ...
Things That Go Bump in the Church
it was amazing
I'm strongly considering putting this on a reading list for new believers. It covers multiple topics that prove to be contentious where there is lack of clear teaching. This book features clear teaching combined with an engaging writing ...
tagged: christian, christian-living, recommended, soteriology, angelology, ...
Revelation 1-7 Exegetical Commentary
it was amazing
An essential commentary for studying Revelation. Excellent.
tagged: commentaries, christian, and recommended
Depression: Looking Up from the Stubborn Darkness
it was amazing
Excellent, start to finish. I cannot recommend this more, both for someone who is depressed and for someone wanting to help a depressed individual. I've been giving our church an overview of the book (the fourth and final part is tonight...
tagged: counseling, recommended, christian, christian-living, and discipleship
Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible
it was amazing
As a former KJV-onlyist, I appreciate good books on Bible translation and the King James Version. Mark Ward has written one here, with accessible arguments for the use of modern translations while still respecting the beauty of the KJV. ...
tagged: bibliology, recommended, christian, and history
it was amazing
Thorough but practical and accessible English commentary. Good for the layman. Very recommended.
tagged: commentaries, christian, and recommended