Distinctive Convictions
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  1. We affirm Scripture above all. 
    The Bible instructs Christians to see it as sufficient, meaning that Christians shouldn't pursue secular philosophies, popular psychology, or any other prophetic utterances.  All of life and godliness should follow God's Holy Word.  [Read more about the sufficiency of Scripture.] 

  2. We affirm the sovereignty of God in salvation. 
    The Bible instructs Christians to believe and trust in God's control over both salvation and history.  [Read more about the sovereignty of God.]

  3. We affirm the lordship of Christ in salvation.
    The Bible instructs Christians to follow Christ as Lord in submission.  [Read more about Lordship salvation.]

  4. We affirm biblical worship for our services.
    God commands what we should include in our worship services, and we're not free to add to it.  Everything, including our music, should be directed by Scripture. [Read more about biblical worship.]

  5. We affirm the biblical model of church government.
    The Bible instructs churches to be governed independently by a plurality of elders and served by deacons.  [Read more about elders and deacons.]

  6. We affirm the importance of church membership.
    The Bible instructs Christians to join and to commit to a local church.  [Read more about membership.]

  7. We affirm the practice of church discipline.
    The Bible instructs both Christians and churches on how to handle disputes and sinfulness within the congregation.  [Read more about church discipline.]

  8. We affirm a biblical view of sexuality, marriage, divorce, and remarriage.
    The Bible instructs Christians as to how to operate as male and female, inside and outside of marriage.  [Read more about marriage issues and gender roles.]

  9. We affirm biblical evangelism and discipleship.
    The Bible instructs Christians how to share the gospel and how to bring up others in the instruction of the Lord.  [Read more about child evangelism.]

  10. We affirm biblical definitions and dispensations of spiritual gifts.
    The Bible instructs Christians in the temporary nature of some spiritual gifts and the ongoing use of others. [Read more about cessationism and sign gifts.]

  11. We affirm a biblically dispensational, premillennial view of the end-times.
    The Bible instructs Christians to not see themselves as a replacement or extension of Old Testament Israel and to anticipate a future rule of Christ over the nations in Israel.  [Read more about the differences between dispensationalism and covenant theology.]

  12. We affirm the centrality of God’s grace in all.
    The Bible instructs Christians as to their ongoing necessity of God's grace for all of life and doctrine and their need to rest in it alone.